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the various helps provided by MailPro

Creating a newsletter

How Mailpro guides advertisers through the creation of their emails

All advertisers don't have the same experience in email creation and there are many who want to start in this field without having any prior knowledge. This is the reason why the Mailpro software provides everyone with help and guiding tools to guide everyone through the process of newsletter creation : in addition to a wysiwyg and intuitive editor, it offers a complete guide on emailing and video trainings that explain how to use its interface.

A guide to learn the basics of newsletter creation

Whether to refresh one's knowledge or else to acquire it, the emailing guide offered by Mailpro proves to be ideal to learn and understand the keys to successful newsletter making, stage by stage. Accessible and complete, it explains all the basics of emailing : legislation, vocabulary, creation methods, result analysis, etc. Although this book is not only meant for the users of Mailpro, it is perfectly adapted to this software and it enables you to learn the theory before tackling the practice.

The many tools provided by Mailpro to guide advertisers

Mailpro's interface is mento be as intuitive as possibl. Mailpro offers many tools to helo you get trained on using the interface :

  • Videos that give step-by-step explanations on how to benefit from all the possibilities of the software, like address book management, message creation (writing, content, customisation, etc.) or else the statistical analysis of campaign results.

  • A FAQ that brings together all the answers to the questions that are most frequently asked by users.

  • Paid trainings, by phone or in the company, made by Mailpro experts.

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