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Suivre la délivrabilité de ses campagnes

Un réflexe primordial pour vos emailing

Long-term monitoring of message routing quality

Because maintaining a very high level ofdeliverability of messages sent during professional email campaigns represent a long-term endeavor, it's necessary to follow very closely the evolution of the associated indicators. Monitoring your reputation as a sender is not enough: it's also necessary to have a proactive approach to the many elements that can at any time come to disrupt the routing and jeopardize the financial profitability of this channel of web marketing.


Monitor your reputation regularly

The quality of the routing of a professional emailing depends very closely on the reputation of the sender company. At the end of each campaign, verifying reception statistics is important, paying particular attention to the percentage of unbound messages. The latter is often linked to errors in the contact database but also to a preventive spaming of mailings by ISPs. It must represent an alert system, to associate more accurately the number of complaints issued by the recipients against the campaign.


Conduct monitoring of the deliverability environment

The deliverability also remains influenced by a changing environment in terms of methods and means of professional emailing. Regularly monitoring changes in ISP spam filters is an excellent reflex, for example, by using dummy addresses. This must be accompanied by verification of the issuer's status in the lists of advertisers - "black", "white" - of the mailing services. Finally, monitoring the evolution of e-marketing techniques makes it possible to resort to the best and most reliable practices of the moment.


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